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Helping Humanity never doubt the power of the simplest charitable gesture.

Love Union  is a nonprofit Non-governmental Organization, it is an organization aimed to better the living condition of mankind and to safeguard the future of humanity and biodiversity

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We organize inclusive events for Vulnerable households, Orphans and Mentally ill

19 March, 2022

We envisage to target vulnorable ophans, identify their needs and send them to school in September 2021.

May, 2022

Due to the crisis plaguing the Northwest and South West Regions of Cameroon couple with Covid-19, many households are bearly trying to survive. Those who are really in need lack documentations that is a prerequisite to benefit from aids according to the standards of some international organizations. We intend to target these households and provide them with food stuffs and other necessities.

September, 2022

Due to the Anglophone crisis, safety is now a problem to everyone because one never knows when an exchange will take place. Mentally challenged persons persons bear the brunts since they are always on the streets or on abandoned buildings. There is need for them to be brought to a safer place and food provide them with food most especially on ghost town days.

Love Union pays routinely visit the Bamenda Regional Hospital, to support pay bills od underprivileged persons who have completed treatment and are unable to pay bills. Love Union also support in providing food for patients who can not afford.

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