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Our story starts way back in 2016

 “Love Union”  is a nonprofit Non-governmental Organization, it is an organization aimed to better the living condition of mankind and to safeguard the future of humanity and biodiversity. LOVE UNION was recognized on the 23th of April 2019, in conformity with the provisions of Law Number 90/053 of 19th December 1990; with the authorization Number 28/E.29/1111/VOL.8/ALPAS.

It was founded by a team of committed change makers who envisaged a world with better living conditions for all most especially the marginalized and a more conducive environment

Our root dates back to 2016, our infancy is a “faith-based”one. Our vision bearer Ebua Jarvis Ebua was assigned as the  parish assistant and manager of schools for St Agnas Parish Mbesa,  located at Belo subdivision in the Northwest Region of Cameroon. This place happens to be in the suburbs of the countryside. There, He was overly concerned with the pains of the people a place plagued by several intertribal wars, poverty and misery, yet with a happy and energetic inhabitants. 

Attached to the catholic schools, he noticed a number of pupils without basic needs. Like school uniform, cloths, shoes, writing materials who couldn’t afford fees. Being overly concerned he decided to meet the parents of the pupils in question, just to realize most of their parents were off late with most of their dead linked to the intertribal war. Caught up by such a situation he had to do something to help the pupils. With this he had to sacrifice his allowances to help them which was not enough. He involved his family, his uncle,  supported him a great deal with some of his neighbors at Up Station Bamenda achieve his vision of helping the kids.. With this he could take care of them. Later on the help was extended to others. It became customary for him to beg fairly used cloths and shoes from his neighbors in Town then transported to the village for distribution. He prioritized the needs of girls like breast wears.

A barbering saloon was equally set up in the mission compound. With this a family was born a humanitarian organization. With time He started engaging the young people in community volunteerism, they started clearing garbage from gutters, to maintain the local roads. This initiative was welcomed by the community, and was extending to other spheres like the planting of trees and flowers in public places. These activities became part of the daily lives of the people of Mbesa.

Back at Up Station Bamenda after the completion of his mission to Mbesa Parish. he had a new challenge at Up Station numerous complaint from parents concerning the teenage who spent days at commercial avenue Bamenda in gambling houses. The founder equally became concern with this by checking them out and convincing them to go home. Counseling them to go home and be reunited with their families. The joy from such reunion was so encouraging to the founder so much so that he sought the authorization of the organization. To continue such activities.

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