Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation (EGPAF)

Position Details

Job title: IT Assistant

Location:                                 Ebolowa

Number of positions:             01

Primary Manager:                  IT Manager

Applications Due:                  October 21, 2022

Main Function:                       Assist with IT Infrastructure.

The Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation is a global leader in the fight against pediatric HIV and AIDS, working in 19 countries and at over 5,500 sites around the world to prevent the transmission of HIV to children, and to help those already infected. Today, because of the highly successful work of the Foundation and its partners, pediatric AIDS has been virtually eliminated in the United States. With a growing global staff of over 1,000—nine of 10 who work in the field—the Foundation’s global mission is to implement HIV prevention, care, and treatment programs; further advance innovative research; and execute strategic and targeted global advocacy activities to bring dramatic change to the lives of millions of women, children, and families worldwide. For more information, please visit our page: .

EGPAF works in partnership with the Ministry of Health NACC and the Regional and District Health Teams to support HIV Prevention, Care and Treatment, and health systems strengthening services. EGPAF is mainly funded by PEPFAR through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

Purpose of Job:

Under the direct supervision of the Information Technology Manager ( IT Manager ), the IT Assistant will provide assistance to the ICT Manager and the IT Officer in executing the following duties:

  • Technical Support: All areas of Information Communication and Technology in EGPAF Cameroon.
  • Backstopping the IT Officer ( act as a Backup )
  • Technical support: Assist to maintain equipment, involving hardware, software, and systems.
  • Network Administration (Equipment and Applications): Diagnose network and system problems as well as react to failures and errors to maintain system integrity and performance.
  • Answer help desk calls.
  • Assist in network and system security.
  • Perform other related duties as may be assigned. (Eg follow up on Policies and Procedures implementation.)

Responsibilities & Tasks defined:


1. Be the main point of contact for helpdesk calls.

2. Diagnose problems and react accordingly.

3. Instruct users on appropriate action where possible or take notes and research resolution.

4. Get back to users with a resolution or escalate to IT Manager.

Maintain Equipment.

  1. Involves repair of laptops, PCs, printers, etc. (With Supplier warranty / outsourced technical support)
  2. Re-formatting and rebuilding laptops etc.
  3. Inventory and maintain sufficient levels of equipment as needed.
  4. Dispatch equipment to branches as needed.

Maintain System.

  1. Assist the ICT Manager and IT Officer to maintain system performance and react to known issues as well as perform preventative maintenance.
  2. Assist with new technology rollouts and upgrades.
  3. Assist with the Administration of users and computers
  4. Assist with 3rd  party  software maintenance and implementation.
  5. Liaise with 3rd  party  help desks to diagnose problems.
  6. Assist with maintaining Windows, and email systems.


  1. Confirm daily successful backups
  2. Confirm all system backup is running daily.
  3. Link with 3  rd.  party help desk when problems arise.

Anti Virus & Security

  1. Maintain network and system security through network Anti-Virus.
  2. Configure and manage network security.
  3. Help users with installation and ongoing support.

Network Diagnostics and Reporting

  1. Diagnose network bottlenecks.
  2. Monitor organization WANS.
  3. Liaise with the field office regarding network faults or reports.
  4. Log faults with the appropriate authority.
  5. Liaise with IT Manager regarding faults.

Telephone System.

  1. Ensure optimum PABX functionality/configuration with outsourced technical support.
  2. Support users with telephone systems.
  3. Program handsets as needed. (BB, ETC)

Qualifications and Experience

  • Diploma in Computer Science/ Information Systems / with at least 2 years works experience in a similar field.
  • Extensive practical experience in networked environments and support for remote users and field offices.
  • Extensive ability to use and support standard microcomputing applications such as Microsoft OFFICE SUIT.
  • Experience in supporting web-based applications.
  • Experience with training others to use micro-computer applications (as mentioned above).
  • Fluency in French and English
  • Knowledge of supporting Windows Platform ( MS 2003/2008 server or higher, MS Windows XP / Vista )
  • Prior experience with Messaging systems support,  eg MS Exchange
  • Strong interpersonal skills, and ability to establish and maintain effective work relationships with people of different backgrounds and cultures.
  • Ability to work under pressure with minimum supervision.
  • Problem Solving  – Problem-solving is a person’s ability to use critical thinking to identify and analyze problems, weigh the relevance and accuracy of the information, generate and evaluate alternative solutions, and make recommendations.
  • Flexibility  – Flexibility is a person’s ability to be open to change and new information and rapidly adapt to new information, changing conditions, or unexpected obstacles.
  • Resilience  – Resilience is a person’s ability to deal effectively with pressure, remain optimistic and persistent under adversity, and recover quickly from setbacks.
  • Time Management  – ​​Time management is a person’s ability to effectively manage one’s time and resources to ensure that work is completed efficiently.

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